RSA Conference 2023 in San Francisco

The RSA Conference was once again a superlative conference when it comes to Cyber Security content and ideas. There were thousands of attendees, 400 sessions and various villages to interact with technology. The main topics were Quantum Computing, AI, Machine Learning and finally ChatGPT. The good and bad sides of these technologies were discussed. For us, the focus was on the sessions on authentication: the rise and fall of MFA; Passkeys: the good, the bad and the ugly; biometric patterns exposed in social media.
Much has been done on authentication over the years, but basic solutions are still lacking. We hope to continue with our ideas and solutions, especially in the healthcare industry.
Who knows? Maybe we will be back on stage at the RSA Sandbox, as we did once before in 2010?!

Photograph by Steve Maller Photography Copyright © 2010 RSA Conference