USEUCOM I3T Conference and Exposition Munich Feb 13, 2012 – Feb 16, 2012

During February 13-15th 2012 we were exhibitors at the USEUCOM.
This time it was a ’home game’ for us, because the conference took place in Germany, Munich and we were able to present our app ’FabulaRosa’ with a lot of equipment. We presented our app simultaneously on Intel-PC, iPad, Samsung Galaxy tablet and on Android Smart Phone.
In the run-up to the exhibition we made up a list of all accounts or logins, we call it addressees, which we are regularly using. We came up to number of 109 addressees and the trend is increasing!
Imagine – nowadays the first activation of a new tablet requires already about five logins.
That means the old fashion password isn’t dead and we are on the right track.
It applies to overcome the disadvantages, to create advantage and come up with new ideas for the future.
We are convinced that our ’New Protocols’ containing features of QR-Code-Mode, Time-based stealth mode and a ’Secret’ based login are forward-looking technology for strengthening the entire authentication process.
Our booth was well visited, we made some contacts and perhaps we have succeeded in attracting attention beyond the civilian sector.
Our next step is to publish ’FabulaRosa’ for iPhone a.s.a.p.