WINNER in Best Privileged Access Management Solution Category in GSN ’s 4th Annual Homeland Security Awards Competition 2012


We’ve carried home the winner’s trophy!!!


At a gala dinner that drew hundreds of government officials and industry executives to the Washington Convention Center on November 29, Government Security News announced the winners
— including KikuSema GmbH with its security app FabulaRosa– in 42 different categories in its 4th Annual Homeland Security Awards competition.
The winners were selected by a panel of objective judges, according to Jacob Goodwin, Editor-in-Chief of Government Security News.
The judges received an outstanding group of entries and have handed winners’ plaques to an exceptional group of companies and government agencies.
The Security App FabulaRosa is perfect for securing authentication and to keep up with the trend of the new touch-screen devices and Cloud Computing.
FabulaRosa is designed to create High Definition (HD) passwords within the range of a maximum length of 850 characters taken from the UTF16 character set, or a minimum length of 10 ASCII characters.
It creates many different passwords by applying only one image only existing in your mind.
The passwords are not stored at all; they are generated in the moment you draw the image on the screen.
Using universally understood concepts like colours, directions and patterns FabulaRosa is worldwide applicable. FabulaRosa provides you with passwords for ordinary logins as well as for high security applications.
Furthermore the entire authentication process is strengthened by the Five New Protocols.
Authentication by smart phones or tablets becomes essential for the user, both in private or public spaces, whether using trustworthy or untrustworthy devices.
The transfer of High Definition passwords and confidential information by QR code or NFC using a stealth mode represents a paradigm shift in the authentication process.
FabulaRosa is worldwide applicable, in fact everywhere where passwords or pass codes are used. It has the potential to become the common pattern login for operation systems, for business customer and privileged identities.

FABULAROSA -The Image in Your Mind – High Definition Passwords by Visualization and New Authentication Protocols for Touch Screen Devices