BMWi German Delegation on Cybertechnology and Security Cyber Security, November 13 – November 18, 2016

blog_vorusa2016The German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), AHP International and the German American Chamber of Commerce, Pittsburgh Chapter, have organized a delegation of German cybersecurity companies for the collaboration with and business development in the United States from November 13 to November 18, 2016.
See us at the German –American Cooperation Forum on Cybersecurity Trends and Solutions,
When: 14th November 2016
Where: Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University
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We are presenting: 8 Agents i a Pass Space – Scramble Your Secrets.
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Nordic IT Security Forum 2015 , November 3th, Stockholmsmässan

November 3, 2015 – time again! The Nordic IT Security Forum opened its doors again, this time at Stockholmsmässan and with a TeleTrust Partner Booth!!!
64 Speakers, 45 Exhibitor and 614 Delegates took part in this event. The event is growing bigger year after year.
This year we put the focus on the demonstration of the App Scrambled Secrets which is visualizing the Multi-Instance-Mode. That means how several instances could collaborate to improve authentication.
We met many interested people in our booth.
Hopefully we will come back next year together with much more German companies standing together in the TeleTrust Partner Booth.

Review – Cyber Security Challenge Germany Conference – Tutorial on Collaborated Security/8 Agents in a Pass Space

Our demo was followed by the audience with great interest and was awarded with a big applause.
We hope that we were able to convey our ideas on the subject of
Collaborated Security versus Keyhole Security / Multi-Instance-Authentication versus Multi-Factor-Authentication / Scrambled Secrets versus Security through Obscurity
in a convincing manner.
See the video clip of our live demo!

Cyber Security Challenge Germany Conference- Tutorial on Collaborated Security – 8 Agents in a Pass Space

At the Cyber Security Challenge Germany Conference we are going to present for the first time:
“Tutorial on Collaborated Security – 8 Agents in a Pass Space: how to overcome the defensive strategy of building taller walls and digging deeper moats?“blog_vorher
The Keyhole-security has to be gradual transferred into the world of collaborated security and diversification.
Movie clips illustrate how „hacked“ identification and authentication in well-known movies is presented.
What about 8 agents in a Pass Space? A live demo is lifting the veil !
We won ’t show how to hack something rather we are going to demonstrate how several agents jointly perform authentication and how the access to „sensitive goods“ of young people (Photos, app-in-purchases, access to social media platforms) could be made safer.
Additionally following aspects will be discussed: Multi Instance Authentication vs. Multifactor Authentication, Pass Space & Entropy, Scrambled Secrets -Encryption by Scrambling.

When: 16. September 2015
Where: Humboldt Carré am Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin

Cyber Security Challenge Germany Konferenz – Tutorial zur Collaborated Security – 8 Agenten in einem Pass Space

Im Rahmen der Cyber Security Challenge Germany Konferenz werden wir erstmalig vorstellen:
“Tutorial zur Collaborated Security – 8 Agenten in einem Pass Space: Wie kann die defensive Strategie der immer höheren Burgmauern und tieferen Gräben überwunden werden?”
Eine Überwindung der Keyhole-Security durch die schrittweise Überführung in eine Welt der Collaborated Security (Sicherheit durch Zusammenarbeit) und Diversifikation ist notwendig.
Videoclips illustrieren, wie “gehackte” Identifizierung und Authentifizierung in bekannten Filmen dargestellt wird.
Eine Live-Demo lüftet den Schleier, der über den 8 Agenten in einem Pass Space liegt.
Demonstriert wird: nicht wie man etwas hackt, sondern wie mehrere Agenten bzw. Instanzen gemeinsam eine Authentifizierung durchführen und wie man den Zugang zu “schützenswerten Gütern” eines Jugendlichen (Fotos, App-In-Einkäufe, Zugang zu Social Media Plattformen) sicherer machen kann.
Parallel werden folgende Aspekte diskutiert: Multi Instance Authentifizierung vs. Multifaktor Authentifizierung, Pass Space & Entropie, Scrambled Secrets -Verschlüsselung durch Vermischung.

Wann: 16. September 2015
Wo: Humboldt Carré am Gendarmenmarkt, Berlin

KikuSema GmbH Takes Part in the Challenge – Change Todays Security Thinking – with a Multi-Instance-Mode/Split-Key-Approach

press2015Two important messages made recently the round.
One message was spread one week before the RSA Conference in San Francisco was opened. Namely NSA chief Michael Rogers announced:
“I don’t want a back door. I want a front door. And I want the front door to have multiple locks. Big locks.”
The second spread during the opening key note of the RSA Conference when the new RSA President Amit Yoran introduced himself with the words:
“It is time for a renewed sense of exploration, awareness, and understanding. It’s time for security to escape the Dark Ages and pursue our own Age of Enlightenment.” „Strong authentication, and analyzing who is accessing what, can identify attack campaigns earlier in the kill chain“.
Both messages express the conviction that a paradigm shift in Information Security is needed especially in terms of authentication.
In our press release (April 20, 2015 04:38 AM Eastern Daylight Time):
KikuSema GmbH Takes Part in the Challenge
you see that we already faced this claim by dealing with the issue „Collaborated Security vs Keyhole Security“ and by offering a working solution for a „Multi-Instance Mode / Split-Key Approach“.

Review – PASSWORD 2014 Conference, December 8-10 2014 in Trondheim

A wide range around the topic Password was offered at the conference. Password policy, problems of password manager, password strength, password auditing, Rethinking Android Lock Pattern, Behavioral Biometrics, Password Hashing with Salt & Pepper …to name just a few…
Link to the whole agenda
Link to the proceedings

It was very interesting and important to look at the issue from many different perspectives.
Otherwise there is always a risk that one might be a little blinkered.
Most of the lectures analyzed existing application or protocols. They analyzed faults and weaknesses. Sometimes it sounded a little bit complacent such like – I’ll see if I can make your sandcastle broken.
A lot of things not working well were enumerated without addressing the potential political and social consequences of not solving these faults.

The password will not die in 2015 – as in all previous years.
But – there is a lack of real advanced and tangible implementations to enable the user to move independently and safely within the cyberspace and to protect users’ credentials in an innovative way.
Based on the conviction that we could offer this, we have expected more discussion and feedback during our session.

PASSWORD 2014 Conference, December 8-10 2014 – Trondheim

We are going to present our FABULAROSA & THE 5 NEW PROTOCOLS at the PASSWORD2014 Conference December 8-10 2014 in Trondheim.
This time we are revealing what is meant by SCRAMBLED SECRETS in a live demo.
See us on Monday ! Program schedule
Passwords is the first and only conference of its kind, where leading researchers, password crackers, and experts in password security from around the globe gather in order to better understand the challenges surrounding digital authentication, and how to adequately address them. Passwords was launched in Bergen, Norway in 2010, motivated by dissatisfaction with the robustness and usability of current authentication solutions. Now in its fifth year, Passwords is held twice a year.
More information on or follow #passwords14
We are looking forward many questions and new contacts.

Säkerhetsdagen – Nordic IT Security 2014 , November 5th, Stockholm

Back in Stockholm!
This compact day was packed with many interesting sessions.
The highlight was once again the session of David Jacoby (Kaspersky). This year about the topic: Hacking my own home – Hacking of Things: a concrete look at IoT and how secure it is.
The location was very well suited to combine the exhibition with presentations at the main stage.
There were a lot more vendors and visitors than last year. See more:
In addition to Scandinavian languages and English you could listen to Dutch and French.
We were pleased to be able to present our FABULAROSA to interested professionals and looking forward next year, maybe together with some German exhibitors.
Here’s a snapshot of the event:

FABULAROSA AND THE FIVE NEW PROTOCOLS honored as Gold Winner in the 6th Annual 2014 Golden Bridge Awards for Mobile Security Solution

KikuSema GmbH/AB has earned the prestigious Gold Winner status in the Golden Bridge Awards for their FABULAROSA AND THE FIVE NEW PROTOCOLS.
More than 40 judges from a broad spectrum of industry voices from around the world participated and their average scores determined the 2014 Golden Bridge Business Awards winners.

Golden Bridge Awards are an annual industry and peers recognition program honoring best companies in every major industry from large to small and new start-ups in North America, Europe, Middle-East, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Latin-America.