KikuSema GmbH for FabulaRosa and the Five New Protocols named Finalists in Info Security Products Guide ’s Global Excellence Awards in the category TOMORROW’S TECHNOLOGY TODAY


We are proud to be recognized as an industry player by the Info Security Products Guide, the industry ’s leading information security research and advisory guide and
have been named a Finalist for the 2013 Global Excellence Awards in the category: TOMORROW ’S TECHNOLOGY TODAY.
These prestigious global awards recognize security and IT vendors with advanced, ground-breaking products and solutions that are helping set the bar higher for others in all areas of security and technologies.

We are looking forward making new contacts and maybe we can carry home a winner ’s trophy!

WINNER in Best Privileged Access Management Solution Category in GSN ’s 4th Annual Homeland Security Awards Competition 2012


We’ve carried home the winner’s trophy!!!


At a gala dinner that drew hundreds of government officials and industry executives to the Washington Convention Center on November 29, Government Security News announced the winners
— including KikuSema GmbH with its security app FabulaRosa– in 42 different categories in its 4th Annual Homeland Security Awards competition.
The winners were selected by a panel of objective judges, according to Jacob Goodwin, Editor-in-Chief of Government Security News.
The judges received an outstanding group of entries and have handed winners’ plaques to an exceptional group of companies and government agencies.
The Security App FabulaRosa is perfect for securing authentication and to keep up with the trend of the new touch-screen devices and Cloud Computing.
FabulaRosa is designed to create High Definition (HD) passwords within the range of a maximum length of 850 characters taken from the UTF16 character set, or a minimum length of 10 ASCII characters.
It creates many different passwords by applying only one image only existing in your mind.
The passwords are not stored at all; they are generated in the moment you draw the image on the screen.
Using universally understood concepts like colours, directions and patterns FabulaRosa is worldwide applicable. FabulaRosa provides you with passwords for ordinary logins as well as for high security applications.
Furthermore the entire authentication process is strengthened by the Five New Protocols.
Authentication by smart phones or tablets becomes essential for the user, both in private or public spaces, whether using trustworthy or untrustworthy devices.
The transfer of High Definition passwords and confidential information by QR code or NFC using a stealth mode represents a paradigm shift in the authentication process.
FabulaRosa is worldwide applicable, in fact everywhere where passwords or pass codes are used. It has the potential to become the common pattern login for operation systems, for business customer and privileged identities.

FABULAROSA -The Image in Your Mind – High Definition Passwords by Visualization and New Authentication Protocols for Touch Screen Devices

Finalists announced in GSN’s 2012 awards program

On 8th of November the surprising message reached us:
Congratulation, FabulaRosa is being selected as a FINALIST in the 4th Annual GSN Homeland Security Awards Program.
This selection puts your organization into an elite group of companies and government agencies who have demonstrated excellence and innovation during the past year in the quest for a more secure homeland.
One winner in each category will be announced at the gala dinner and awards ceremony that GSN will be hosting on the evening of Thursday, Nov. 29, 2012, at the Washington, DC.
We have submitted for the category “Best Privileged Access Management Solution”. (
Perhaps we can carry home a winner’s trophy!
May be we can make a lot of contacts or draw attention among the invited guest like government officials from federal, state and local levels, as well as industry executives from across the U.S..

ISSE Conference: 23rd & 24th October, Brussels, Belgium

The conference Information Security Solutions Europe (ISSE;, established and supported by EEMA and TeleTrusT, and the European Commission was held in Brussels this time.
During this event we have demonstrated our App FabulaRosa within the TeleTrust Partner booth. We were proud to present the app on iPhone, iPad, Android tablet, and Android smart phone as well as on the old-fashion desktop.
There were some interesting discussions and contacts.
We have succeed to arouse the interest of James Sheire, NSTIC/USA, as well as e of the leading European cryptographer Bart Preneel .
We hope that Professor Preneel will find the necessary time to undergo a strict examination of the algorithms, which FabulaRosa is based on.


USEUCOM I3T Conference and Exposition Munich Feb 13, 2012 – Feb 16, 2012

During February 13-15th 2012 we were exhibitors at the USEUCOM.
This time it was a ’home game’ for us, because the conference took place in Germany, Munich and we were able to present our app ’FabulaRosa’ with a lot of equipment. We presented our app simultaneously on Intel-PC, iPad, Samsung Galaxy tablet and on Android Smart Phone.
In the run-up to the exhibition we made up a list of all accounts or logins, we call it addressees, which we are regularly using. We came up to number of 109 addressees and the trend is increasing!
Imagine – nowadays the first activation of a new tablet requires already about five logins.
That means the old fashion password isn’t dead and we are on the right track.
It applies to overcome the disadvantages, to create advantage and come up with new ideas for the future.
We are convinced that our ’New Protocols’ containing features of QR-Code-Mode, Time-based stealth mode and a ’Secret’ based login are forward-looking technology for strengthening the entire authentication process.
Our booth was well visited, we made some contacts and perhaps we have succeeded in attracting attention beyond the civilian sector.
Our next step is to publish ’FabulaRosa’ for iPhone a.s.a.p.

PitchLive London: Pitches, prizes, expert workshops & expo on 24 & 25 October 2011

The 2-day innovation marketplace event ’PitchLive’ took place at the Business Design Centre in London, UK on 24 & 25 October. More than 30 innovative startups and SMEs pitched to crowds of investors & end users.
…and we were one of them! We had the chance to present our application within 7 minutes.
We were proud to announce that FabulaRosa is available in all the important market stores (Apple, Android, Blackberry, and Intel).
We introduced our ’4 New Protocols’ for protecting the entire authentication process by
1. Transferring password by QR-code.
2. Transferring only disguised passwords using a time-based stealth mode or
3. Using a ’Secret’ based login.
4. Supporting a multi-component authentication and processing of confidential information.
We hoped that potential investor were listening attentively.
We are convinced that FabulaRosa fit for NSTIC, the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace and that FabulaRosa has the potential to become the common pattern login for operation systems, for business customer and privileged identities.
In additional we had a booth at the simultaneous expo. We have received a lot of positive feedback for our pitch and the booth.

Please follow the link to our 7-minute-presentation

PitchLive London – 2011, October 25


We are looking forward to presenting FabulaRosa on 25th October in a 7-minute pitch during the PitchLive event.
Additionally we have a booth at the Expo of this event. We are hoping to present FabulaRosa live to a huge interested audience.
See us on stage on Tuesday 25th October between 3-4 p.m.!


Tech Europe: 10 Cities in 20 Days

We met Ben Rooney, the Technology Editor for the Wall Street Journal in Berlin on the 26th September.
He was travelling through Europe in order to meet lots of innovative people. The European School of Management and Technology was the host of the event.
We had the chance to present FabulaRosa with a 30-second-pitch.
Now we are waiting with bated breath as to how he is going to utilize the experience of this tour. Of course we are expecting more contacts as a result of this meeting.


On 21st September we had the opportunity to present our application FabulaRosa in a five-minute pitch. The competition took place in the Lion Hall of the Recanati Building at Tel Aviv University and was hosted by MIT Forum. 40 Start-ups and SMEs from Europe and the Middle East regions took part in the competition. A huge spectrum of different security problem-solving including hardware and software solutions was presented.
Unfortunately the interview with the jury lasted only three minutes. We didn’t get the chance to explain our innovation in depth. We’d had big expectations to get in closer contact with an interested expert audience, but these expectations were not satisfied.
We didn’t win this final, but we gathered a lot of experience and came to a decision to stay on stage. We are taking part in the PitchLive Event in London in October.


The Competition in Tel Aviv hosted by the MIT Forum




FABULAROSA -The Image in Your Mind – Recognized For High Definition Passwords by Pattern
MARIESTAD (SWEDEN) – September 10, 2011 – Kikusema AB ( announced today that the FABULAROSA application has been nominated as the one of 10 European finalists for Global Security Challenge in 2011. The European Regional Final is taking place on 21st September at the Tel Aviv University.
The Global Security Challenge is the world’s leading security innovation competition, rewarding innovative startups and SMEs.
Kikusema AB is proud to present the touch-screen version for smart phones and tablets based on Android and BlackberryOS as well as on iOS (iPad).
It is a challenge to keep up with the trend of the new touch-screen devices. People do not want to use a keyboard any longer. Because such devices can easily be lost, authentication must be done in an innovative way.
Besides solutions like biometrical scanners, smart cards, and SSO, there are some ideas to create passwords by visualization. Some ideas use pattern. But is the combination amount of a 3×3 matrix from Android, or the 4×4 from Windows-8 really sufficient to protect the authentication process and user’s credentials?
„We are convinced that FABULAROSA is the Number One of pattern logins for the next generation of touch-screen devices,“ said Christine Ziske, CEO of the Kikusema AB, and she highlights:“Our aim is for it to become directly integrated into the most important operation systems like iOS, Android and Windows.“
With only ’One Image in Your Mind’; long and complex High Definition (HD) passwords are generated at the point of drawing the image without storing at all. This idea was firstly implemented in 2001 as a desktop version.
What is the innovation behind this?
Many different passwords are created by drawing only one image on a virtual ’Compass Rose’ and applying such universal concepts as colours, direction, patterns and by using the unique algorithms of FABULAROSA. The image can be also defined as a pattern login. The user needn’t recall single characters, rather patterns. Thinking in pattern and remembering pattern is essential part of human behaviour.
FABULAROSA creates passwords with a length of 850 characters taken from the UTF16 character set, containing 65,535 characters. FABULAROSA allows 1350 possible selection. All possible combinations of passwords can be calculated as 65,535 to the 1350 power.