FabulaRosa plus SignPassOne will be shown at the Expo of the RSA Conferences 2011 in San Francisco (14-18th February)

KikuSema GmbH is going to be an exhibitor at the Expo of the RSA Conferences 2011 in San Francisco (14-18th February). We are a member of the initiative “IT Security Made in Germany” and have our booth 1350-6 within the German Pavilion.
This year we are proud to present further developments of our application.
First of all: FabulaRosa for Smart Phones, transferring High Definitions passwords by barcode.
Barcodes have recently become the smartest way to ensure a touchless and hard-to-hack authentication.


The desktop apps as well as the mobile apps are now available in Japanese, simplified and traditional Chinese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, English, Swedish and German.
FabulaRosa is designed to create High Definition (HD) passwords within the range of a maximum length of 850 characters taken from the UTF16 character set, or a minimum length of 10 characters taken from the ASCII character set. At present purely numeric and alpha-numeric passwords can also be created by FabulaRosa.

The brand new augmentation SIGNPassOne is presented too.
SIGNPassOne is a new authentication protocol. Between the communication partners: personal smart phones and public devices, a password is transferred by barcode. It is designed to secure the entire authentication process by transferring only disguised passwords using a time-based stealth mode. The application supports a multi-component authentication. At the higher level confidential information is processed. It uses the mobile version of FabulaRosa for creating HD-passwords and a server app.

Authentication by smart phones becomes essential for the user, both in private or public spaces, whether using trustworthy or untrustworthy devices. The transfer of High Definition passwords and confidential information by barcode using a stealth mode represents a paradigm shift in the authentication process.

The New needs friends! We are looking for partners.

Additional information about FabulaRosa and SignPlusOne: