RSA Conference 2011 – The Adventures of Alice & Bob – San Francisco 14-18th February

RSA Conference 2011 – with its 20th anniversary – has concluded. We experienced fantastic days at the Expo and the Conference as well.
With approx. 14,000 delegates and more than 300 exhibitors the RSA Conference is the biggest Cyber Congress. Developers, encryption gurus, GRC experts, CISO, engineers, lawyers, auditors, people of the government or private sector and more met here.
The German Pavilion’s presence was excellent. The Federal Office of Internet Security and 15 IT-Security companies (us included) were represented there. It was great to show our FabulaRosa within this pavilion.
Our booth was highly frequented and we were busy almost all the time. We’ve got a few contacts; we’ve got some important contacts. But we are waiting for feedback now. That is very hard. We are hoping for the best but we know it is a hard way to go on and we have to think about our next steps. What is coming next – new geographical markets or new market stores?

However, it was an exciting week, full of events.
The conference started on Monday afternoon with the Innovation Sandbox. Memories from our presentation last year came up again. Additional there was the German-American Roundtable with many interesting presentations around the topic „Embedded Security for Smartphone and Automotive Applications“. On Monday night the exhibition opened and the IT-experts flooded into the hall.

On Wednesday we all came together for a press interview with interested journalists in the German Pavilion. What a pity only a few came. That’s why we don’t expect big headlines about our product during the next weeks.
On Wednesday afternoon we were invited for a VIP Session „Cloud Security & Governance“. Thomas P. Heiser, President of RSA and Arthur Coviello, Jr. himself were the hosts.

On Thursday evening there was the Codebrackers’ Bash in the City Hall of San Francisco. A great event! Unforgettable the shine of hundreds of flashing pins shaped as Alice, Bob or Mallory.

The timetables between the conference and the exhibition were well coordinated that’s why we had the possibility to see all the keynotes. The opening keynote with the RSA founders was gorgeous. It was overwhelming to see the show about these giants and see our heroes in real life too.
We are very proud that we are shown within this video, right at the end when the future is discussed.

The ending keynotes on Friday started with the great Hugh Thompson Show. He and his guest Bob Sullivan and the star of BBC3’s hugely popular THE REAL HUSTLE, Alexis Conran made the audience aware about the problem of the blind trust in Third Parties and all this in a way which was high quality entertainment.

If you would learn more about Alice & Bob please follow the links:
According to the slogan ’Security has a very short history, but a very long future’, we’ll see what is coming next.