Innovation Sandbox

We have submitted to the Innovation Sandbox, the Most Innovative Contest for RSA Conference 2010.
Innovation Sandbox represents today’s best new security solutions — and culminates with a shoot-out among the top 10 start-ups presenting their new companies and products to a judging panel comprised of venture capital professionals, CISOs, CTO’s and industry experts.
Our goal is to come among the top 10 start-ups and get the chance for presenting our product. Why not become the winner?
Innovation Sandbox will take place on Monday, March 1, 2010 and is the prelude to the RSA Conference in San Francisco (March 1-5)
Anyway we are going to attend this RSA Conference.
We are still are looking for potential partners for cooperation in areas such as:
Science, Law, Marketing, Sales, and hardware operation. In fact In fact what we need is a “Business coach” for all aspects of the American market, especially for patenting.