FABULAROSA Recognized For Creating Sufficiently Long and Complex Passwords by Visualization that are Easy to Make, Easy to Use and Easy to Recall

BERLIN (GERMANY) / MARIESTAD (SWEDEN) – February 18, 2010 –
KikuSema GmbH/AB (, announced today it has been named one of 10 finalists for the coveted „Most Innovative Company at RSA® Conference 2010“ contest, part of Innovation Sandbox, a half-day interactive event at the Conference devoted to providing security practitioners with an educational environment where they can partner with one another to learn about new technological solutions that will prepare them to tackle IT security issues.

“Today’s security threats are more sophisticated than ever as evidenced by recent headlines, and RSA Conference is committed to bringing together some of the industry’s most innovative people to address these emerging challenges,” said Sandra Toms LaPedis, Area Vice President and General Manager of RSA Conference. “The purpose of Innovation Sandbox – and this award in particular – is to identify and honor the companies and individuals that are at the cutting-edge of security innovation and have the most promise for offering a solution to the information security industry’s most pressing issues.”

Despite all the warnings and suggestions, most data breaches are caused by the use of weak passwords. Why is that? Because several times a day users are required to login with different passwords and it is difficult to make unbreakable, sophisticated passwords and keep them secure. FABULAROSA will fix this situation with a simple Image in Your Mind.

By drawing only one image on a virtual “Wind Rose” and applying a global understanding of things such as colors and directions and patterns, you will be able to create many different passwords. Within FABULAROSA the ordinary keyboard with 94 characters is replaced with a virtual keyboard of the UTF16 character set (65,535). The FABULAROSA-algorithm computes passwords according to the requirements of the login.

FABULAROSA can be used for every personal password authentication, and is applicable worldwide. The product can be executed on every kind of computer, external data carriers and on mobile phones that run with Adobe AIR/Flash. FABULAROSA is more than a PASSWORD MAKER. The passwords can be transferred while remaining disguised by using a time-based stealth mode, the passwords are not stored and the user’s credentials are protected.

“FABULAROSA delivers a next generation of passwords for authentication and encryption. The FABULAROSA way of creating and using passwords is unique. We are convinced that it represents a paradigm shift within creating and using passwords. It is a new technology comparable with the change from the gaslight to the electricity,” Said Ulf Ziske, founder and CEO of the KikuSema GmbH, and developer of the application highlights. “The basic idea came with my first cell phone. I couldn’t remember the numbers to unlock the phone but I remembered the underlying pattern. Since 2001 I’ve been putting this idea into code.”

The “Most Innovative Company at RSA Conference 2010” winner will be determined at the culmination of Innovation Sandbox based on a 3 to 5-minute presentation to a panel of judges that includes Michael Barrett of PayPal; Asheem Chandna of Greylock Partners; Gerhard Eschelbeck of Webroot; Renee Guttmann of Time Warner Inc.; Ray Rothrock of Venrock and Hugh Thompson, Program Committee Chair for RSA Conference 2010. The winner will also be announced to all Conference attendees on Tuesday morning during the RSA Conference 2010 opening session.
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