Innovation Sandbox Contest on March 3rd 2010 in San Francisco

San Francisco – RSA Conference – Monday, March 1 2010
The first day of the RSA Conference started with the Innovation Sandbox Event. On this Monday, March 1, each finalist of the TOP TEN MOST INNOVATIVE COMPANY was given the opportunity to present their emerging technology before a panel of judges comprised of venture capital professionals, CISOs, CTOs and industry experts. And we were among these companies.
It was amazing!!! It was exciting!!!
We are very proud to have been a part of the Innovation Sandbox; a half-day event at the RSA Conference 2010.
We had the opportunity to present our application online in an exciting demo area with the other of the „top 10“ group of start-up companies. After three hours of standing in the booth we were very exhausted, because we have had many, many very interested attendees.
And then we jumped directly onto the stage to present our companies and our product.
The judges said it was tough choice to make as there were a lot of great submissions.
It was a great success.
It was the first step to get publicity.
Even if we were not given the award of this year it was a great jump start for us.
During the following conference days we made contacts and meetings with industry experts e.g. Symantec, Microsoft, Adobe, Webroot, and HP as well as venture capital professionals of the Silicon Valley.
Within the framework “IT-Security made in Germany” there was a German Pavilion within the exhibition part of the conference organized by the TeleTrust Association.
We had an invitation to the German General Consulate and there we had the opportunity to meet high level IT-Experts of government and industry.
After this great success to be one the TOP TEN MOST INNOVATIVE COMPANY at the RSA Conference 2010 we are expecting a rapid progress for the market entry of our application FabulaRosa.
How will we continue?
We wanted to submit for the Teletrust Innovation Award, become a speaker at the ISSE 2010 (Information Security Solutions Europe) in Berlin and at the RSA Conference 2010 in London, and become one of the exhibitors in the German Pavilion next year at RSA Conference 2011. The RSA Conference will celebrate in 2011 its 20th anniversary.
Let’s go to San Francisco again.
Maybe with a new innovation?
Meanwhile we will work to improve the market impact of our application and on the expansion of our customers.